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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Barnaby Bear Heads South

Barnaby Bear posed for a picture in his birthplace, Apley Woods, before heading south to take up his new position as official Barnaby Bear of the Falkland Islands Protected Areas Strategy. Barnaby has been given permission from the Geographical Association to travel to the protected areas of the Falklands to find out what makes them special and how they are looked after and to feature in books which will help children in school learn all about them.

''I'm not much looking forward to spending the next two weeks inside a mail bag," commented Barnaby, "but I am looking forward to visiting Kidney Island with the Year 2 children of the Infant Junior School when I get to the Falklands. It's a great opportunity for a bear and I feel very lucky."
Barnaby Bear is also hoping to travel to Steeple Jason Island later in the year. He'll let us know how he gets on.

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