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Friday, 3 February 2012

Barnaby Bear's trip to Kidney Island

Stanley recedes rapidly into the distance. The launch was very fast!

Arriving at the island.

Kidney Island is home to breeding shags and rockhopper penguins.

We saw plenty of Cobb's wrens and tussac birds on our way along the beach.

The sea lions said goodbye.

Barnaby arrived in the islands last week and was able to join the Year 2 children fron the Infant Junior School and Camp Education on their trip to Kidney Island, a small nature reserve not too far from Stanley.
The island is home to an amazing variety and quantity of wildlife, being free from introduced mammals.

I took lots of photos and hope to turn them into a book for children, once the necessary permissions have been sought from the parents.

The trip was funded, as it is each year, by the Falkland Islands Government through the Environmental Studies budget, and we were all very grateful to them, as well as to our helpers and guides Ken Passfield, Sonia Felton and Maggie Battersby, for this amazing opportunity.

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