Welcome to the Balsam Blog, home in the internet world of the Falkland Islands Protected Areas Project.

I'll be using this blog to let people know what I've been up to and to share bits of useful information I pick up along the way. My project is subtitled 'Co-operative management of biological diversity', so that means you. The project will need your knowledge, concerns and hopes for the future to drive it along, so do contribute.

Plant recording sheet

Plant species assessment recording form

Collector Name(s)


GPS datum

   WGS 84                        Other

Lat (or Grid Reference)


Name of Island

Location notes

Estimated slope in degrees (to nearest 5%)

 N    NE    E    SE    S    SW    W    NW    ALL
Estimated altitude (in metres)

Habitat code – see sheet

Common name or Latin name

Plant description – e.g. what is the
maximum height of target species?

Is it in flower?

Are fruits or seeds present?

Signs of recruitment
   Seedlings                  Vegetative spread
Frequency within plot
   Common     Frequent     Occasional     Rare
Notes, e.g. What other plants
are present?
Any livestock present?
Human land use e.g. peat cutting?

Sample plot: total area covered by population or a random 5x5m plot within this
          metres  X                metres
No. of mature plants

% bare ground within sample plot

Soil Type
 Peat  Sand  Clay  Rock  Mineral Other:
What is the tallest plant species within plot and what is its height?

Are there any obvious threats to the target species? E.g. erosion, grazing,
invasive species

Photos – who and file name/ no.