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Monday, 5 December 2011

Hawks Nest Pond

Last week was a week of many visitors. Richard and Marc arrived on the ferry to travel the West hunting for more thistles and other nasties. Then the FC Chief Exec, James Fenton, out for a meet and greet. He didn't get to meet everyone, but I think he'll be back soon.
On Thursday we all stopped off a Hawks Nest Pond between Fox Bay and Little Chartres. The pond has been gifted to  Falklands Conservation and will be a nature reserve in memory of Lyn Blake, who many of us knew and loved. It's a lovely spot, a quite large body of water with two stands of Californian Club- rush. This is another priority habitat and is home to lots of birds.
There will be a fence and some signs and boards, perhaps even a hide eventually. Until then, do visit, but it might be best to park away from the pond and walk the last bit to avoid disturbing the birds too much. The smaller pond is on private land- phone Gavin and Deirdre Marsh at Fox Bay if you want to visit that too.

There will be more to say about Hawks Nest as the Protected Area Strategy progresses. Will it be a National Nature Reserve? Hard to say just now. Perhaps a more suitable designation will emerge from the consultation. Watch this space and have your say when the time comes.
Grass wren singing its heart out in the club- rush

Richard and Marc dug up some of the rush to plant at Port North; hope it thrives in its new home.


  1. Hope they had permission to dig up those rushes...

  2. I asked that before I even took the picture! Falklands Conservation has permission to do it for research purposes, in this case, a restoration trial. Otherwise, it's illegal to dig them up as they are a rare plant.

  3. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/78245024@N00/ for pictures of the rush looking a bit lonely in its new home, hope it does well there

  4. My Favourite pond. It has to be a Protected Area

  5. this is a great blog. when i finish my degree in two years i am hoping to come to the Falklands....maybe work for a while


  6. Thanks Dawn, hope we see you here one day